What is WCHA’s Mission?

Some of the purposes our organization was developed for are as follows:

  1. To address problems common to county governments related to the development, construction and maintenance of highways and bridges,
  2. To promote professional development and education of our membership,
  3. To encourage individual members to perform their duties in a manner that will reflect the highest standards and commitments to public service and that will fully promote civic betterment and the general welfare of Wisconsin’s citizenry,
  4. To provide an organizational structure that will allow Individual members to voice their needs and concerns, and enabling the development of a consensus among counties for how to address those same needs and concerns,
  5. To promote harmonious relations between counties; local, state and federal officials; and Wisconsin’s citizens,
  6. To promote sound highway and bridge engineering and construction; best management practices and techniques in maintenance; and innovation in all areas of the delivery of transportation services
  7. To provide information to local, state and federal decision makers promoting the development of sound public policy
  8. To provide information and assist local, state and federal regulatory agencies in the development of rules and policies effecting the administration of transportation operation and transportation construction
  9. To provide advice to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on administration of the state highway maintenance program consistent with the intent of Section 84.07(1), Wisconsin Statutes
  10. To represent all county highway departments for negotiations of rates and terms of state payments for county labor, equipment, materials and other costs required for maintenance of state highways consistent with the intent of Section 84.07(2), Wisconsin Statutes
  11. To transact and carry on any business as may be necessary for the betterment and welfare of the Association, and to call and hold meetings at such times as may be deemed necessary to obtain the expressed opinions and judgment of its members in establishing and carrying out the policies of the Association
  12. To enter into contracts necessary or incidental to the carrying out of the business and purposes stated

Contact Us:

Office: 608.367.4126

Email: info@wiscohwy.org


1502 W Broadway, Suite 102 Madison, WI 53713

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