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Presentations from 2023 LDG Road School

2023 LDG Road School - Automated Lubrication

2023 LDG Road School - Treated Salt and Salt Brine Enhancement to Reduce Chlorides

2023 LDG Road School - Subsurface

Presentations from 2023 Summer Road School 

2023 Summer Road School - DNR Public Road Culvert Replacement Zone A Case Study

2023 Summer Road School - Wisconsin Ethics

2023 Summer Road School - Bridges in Wisconsin Ratings, Design & Funding

2023 Summer Road School - What's in it for county Transportation Funding

2023 Summer Road School - Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

2023 Summer Road School - Replacing a Culvert in a Floodplain

2023 Summer Road School - Workzone Safety 

2023 Summer Road School - Rural Roadside Vegetation Management

2023 Summer Road School - SITECH Construction Technology 

2023 Summer Road School - Subsurface, Inc Presentation

2023 Summer Road School - Real Estate & Right-of-Way on County Road Projects

Presentations from 2023 Spring Commissioner's Training 

2023 Spring Commissioner's Training - Bureau of Structures Inspection Program

2023 Spring Commissioner's Training - Transportation and Public Works Department - Governor's Budget Proposal

2023 Spring Commissioner's Training - Emergency Management Overview

2023 Spring Commissioner's Training - WisDOT Bureau of Structures

2023 Spring Commissioner's Training - TDA - How to Talk to Your Legislators

2023 Spring Commissioner's Training - CDL Requirements

2023 Spring Commissioner's Training - Weight Enforcement Training

2023 Spring Commissioner's Training - LRIP Update.pdf

Presentations from Winter Road School 2023

2023 Winter Road School - FHWA Updates

2023 Winter Road School - WisDOT 2023 Local Programs Update

2023 Winter Road School - WisDOT 2023 Development Update

2023 Winter Road School - Marathon County Recruitment and Retention Training

2023 Winter Road School - NACE - The Voice of County Road Officials

2023 Winter Road School - WCA Legislative Update

2023 Winter Road School - Leading the Way to a Salt Wise Future

Presentations from Commissioners Training for County Members

2022 WCHA Fall Commissioner Training-WisDOT Structure Program/Inspection Requirements

2022 WCHA Fall Commissioner Training-Equipment Rate Setting

2022 WCHA Fall Commissioner Training-County Highway Training

2022 WCHA Fall Commissioner Training-FHWA & WCHA Working Together

2022 WCHA Fall Commissioner Training-Bureau of Highway Maintenance

2022 WCHA Fall Commissioner Training-Highway Department Training Guide

2022 WCHA Fall Commissioner Training-AIS Program-CTH Reporting Requirements

Presentations from Professional Development Conference 2022

2022 Professional Development Conference - Threats to Progress 

2022 Professional Development Conference -  Professional Development and NACE

2022 Professional Development Conference - The Benefits of Involvement

2022 Professional Development Conference - Wisconsin County Administrative Structure 

2022 Professional Development Conference - Recruitment and Retention

2022 Professional Development Conference - Wisconsin Transportation: We are All in it Together

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